Ballroom e Yōkoso
Ballroom e Yōkoso
🇯🇵 ボールルームへようこそ
🇺🇸 Sweep Over the Dance Hall
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Ballroom e Yōkoso

Fuijta Tatara lives a directionless middle school life with little confidence within himself and no plans for the future. After being saved by a mysterious man from a group of delinquents Tatara is taken to a dance studio where he is introduced to Hanaoka Shizuku, a girl from his school, and her partner Hyoudou Kiyoharu, a world class dancer. After experiencing the beauty of their craft Tatara becomes inspired dedicate his time to ballroom dancing but with no previous experience Tatara must rely on hard work if he wants to make it in the fiercely competitive word of ballroom dancing.