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The Eccentric family 2’s Preview Video Has Been Released

The Eccentric family 2’s official YouTube channel has released a sequel animation preview video on Monday. The title of the first series’ anime episode is Nidaime no Kicho.

DMM pictures have also released a television commercial for it first animation’s Blu-ray Disc release. The video is featuring anime’s characters i.e. Akadama, Ginkaku, Kinkaku, and Nidaime. The blue ray will ship on 28 July with having first six episodes of the animation.

In January, the official English Facebook page of the animation released an English subtitled version of the first promotional video.

The animation series will be premiered on 9th April and will be serialised on KBS Kyoto, Tokyo MX, and Kitanihon Broadcasting. The animation will steam on Docomo Anime Store. On 7th April, the screening of the first two animations will hold at TOHO Cinemas. The event will be attended by well-known celebrities Juni Majima, Mamiko Noto, Tomihiko Morimi, Masayuki, and Miktub.

The cast for animation series is Yoko Hikasa as Gyokuran, Bin Shimada as Tenmanya, Junji Majima as Nidaime, Bin Shimada as Tenmanya, Hideyuki Umeza as Akadama, Kosuke Hatakeyama as Ginkaku, Takehiko Higuchi as Professor Yodogawa, Mai Nakahara as Yashiro Shimogamo, Kikuko Inoue as Mother, and Shuya Nishiji as Kinkaku.

The theme song of the animation is performing by Milktub and Fhana. This is the first sequel series of the P.A. Work. Koji Kumeta is the character designer for the animation series, and Lantis is the music producer. Harumi Okamoto and Yusuke Takeda are the art directors. Satoshi Namiki is the composer-director, and Katsue Inoue is the colour designer. Kohei Ogawa is the 3D Director, and Ayumu Takahashi is the Editor for the animation. Jin Aketagawa is the sound director, and Yoshiaki Fujisawas is giving the music for the animation.
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