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An Accouchement Video Has Been Released For Yoake Tsugeru Lu no Uta Anime Film

On Monday, Toho Animation had released a first announcement video for the upcoming animation film Yoake Tsugeru Lu no Uta. Masaaki Yuasa is the director of the animation film. The video is narrating by Soma Saito and a short interview with Kanon Tani. The video is also featuring the theme song of the animation which is performed by Kazuyoshi Saito i.e. Uta Utai no Ballad.

The company is planning to release the animation movie on 19th May in Japan. The animation is Yuasa’s first animation movie. The story revolves around a boy named Kai, he moves to Hinashi, which is usually famous town for fishing, from Tokyo. His father and mother got separated, and this incident leaves a life changing impact on Kai. Now he is living with his grandfather. He is passionate about music and frequently uploads his composed music on the internet.

The cast for the animation is Kanon Tani as Lu, Shota Shimoda as Kai, Shinichi Shinohara as Lu’s father, Akira Emoto as the grandfather, Soma Saito as Kunio, and Minako Kotobuki as Yuko.

Reiko Yoshida is managing the script of the animation, and Yoko Nemu is the character designer. Nobutake is the animation director, and Eriko Kimura is a sound director. Takatsugu Muramatsu is the music composer, and Eunyoung Choi Heart is the producer.
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