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Chihiro Gokitsune Is Going To Launch Beyblade Soul Taku & Sho Manga

The well known manga artist, Chihiro Gokitsune, announced on Friday that he is going to lauch a new manga titled Beyblade Soul Taku & Sho. He is planning to release the manga series in the June issue of Corocoro Ichiban! magazine of Shogakukan; The manga will ship on Friday. The character of the manga, Taku and Sho, are based on Bladers who were appear part in OhaSta, it was the program of Sho-Pro and Tokyo.

Gokitsune also worked on the Kamiwaza Wanda manga, which was released in March 2016 in Corocoro Ichiban magazine. Shogakukan is planning to publish the final volume of the manga on 28th April.

Beyblade of Takara Tom had inspired a manga series which had been serialized from 2000-2003. In 2004-2006, Viz Media released a 14 Volume series in North America. There were three television animation series inspired by the manga that is Beyblade, Beyblade G, and Beyblade: V-Force. There was also a film inspired by the manga Beyblade: Shogun Steel. Beyblade manga was released in July 2015.
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