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Yuki Domoto Will End The Girlish Number Manga On 30th May

Kadokawa’s Dengeki G’s Comic magazine had announced its June issue of this year on Friday. In its issue, they had announced that Yuki Domoto is going to end the manga which was an adaptation of My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, the novel series of writer Wataru Watari. They will end the manga in the next issue of the animation on 30th May.

The television animation series was licensed by Sentai Filmworks. It also described the story of the series:

When the college girl, Chitose Karasuma, enters the adult world, she decides that she now she stops doing boring things. She gets of job in the acting field at Number One Produce. But soon she realises that she isn’t getting too many chances of big recognising roles. Now she comes to know that acting field is too much competitive and she has to do too much hard work to make her place in that world.

The manga was launched by Domoto in Dengeki G’s Comic. In December, Kadokawa published the second compiled book volume of the manga. The animation was relapsed in October in Japan. Viewster and Crunchyroll streamed the animation series.
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