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Funimation Has Revealed Cast For Two Television Animation Series!

On Friday, Funimation has revealed the cast for the television animation series Seven Mortal Sins and KADO- The Right Answer.

Seven Mortal Sins will release on Sunday with the English Dub at 10:30 p.m. The animation series is directing by Dave Trosker. Nick Hernandez is ADR engineer, and Gino Palecia is mixing engineer.

The cast for the animation is Brittany Lauda as Leviathan, Madeleine Morris as Maria, Arielle O'Neal as Beelzebub, Ella Davis as Belphegor, Nicole Endicott as Lucifer, Brittany Lauda as Leviathan, Elizabeth Maxwell as Belial, Madeleine Morris as Maria, Dawn M. Bennett as Satan, Arielle O'Neal as Beelzebub, Annabel Thorne as Mammon, Ella Davis as Belphegor, and Morgan Garrett as Asmodeus.

KADO- The Right Answer will release on Sunday with English dub at 9:00 p.m. Tyler Walker is the director of the animation series, and Domonique French is ADR engineer. The animation casts are Kyle Igneczi as Hanamori, Kenny Green as Mifune, Kristy Sims as Natsume, E. Jason Lieberecht as Yaha-Kui ZaShunina , Ian Mead Moore as Shindo, Tabitha Ray as Shinawa, Michael Johnson as Ubuka, and Clay Wheeler as Asano.
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