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Inuyashiki Manga Will End With 10th Volume

Hiroya Oku’s manga Inuyashiki had informed that they will end the manga series with the 10th volume. They gave this information through the 9th volume of the manga.

The manga is serialising in Kodansha comics, and digitally releasing from Crunchyroll. The story of the manga revolves around Ichiro Inuyashiki, he is a 58-year-old man. He is continuously ignoring and disrespecting by his family. One day he discovers that he has been suffering from cancer and he has a very little time. Suddenly one day an unnatural phenomenon occurs with him and he started felling very different and unnatural. Now he comes to know that he is not the same person as he used to be.

In January 2014, Oku published the manga in Evening magazine. On 23rd January, Kodansha published the eighth volume of the manga.
A television series also serialising which is based on the manga; it is publishing by MAPPA.
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