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Kageki no Kuni no Alice Is Going To End

On Tuesday, Hana to Yume magazine of Hakusensha published its 19th issue of this year. In their issue they revealed that Tachibana Higuchi’s Kageki no Kuni no Alice manga series is going to end on September 20.

In December 2015, Higuchi published the Gakuen Alice spinoff manga with 2 chapters, and later launched the manga series in March 2016. In May, Hakusensha published the second compiled volume of the manga.

The story of the manga revolves around Tsubasa Ando’s younger sister Hikari, she enters in the Alice Opera Troupe’s school of music.

In 2013, Higuchi ended her manga Gakuen Alice manga in the same magazine. Before the company shut down, Tokyopop published the 16 volumes of the manga.

Gakuen Alice had also been adapted into a television animation series.
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