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Second Season Of Mr Osomatsu Animation Will Publish In January

On Monday, the official website for animation Mr Osomatsu announced that the second cour of the second season of the animation will premiere in January.

Additionally, the website revealed that the second DVD of the second season of the animation will include four new short episodes. The short episodes for the DVD are directing by Yoichi Fujita, and the script is writing by Shu Matsubara.

On 2 October, the second Mr Osomatsu animation seasons will premier in Japan on TV Tokyo and TV Aichi. It was also published on TV Osaka, BS Japan, and AT-X channel.

Yoichi Fujita is directing the second season of the animation series at Studio Pierrot, and Naoyuki Asano is the character designer. Shu Matsubara is the script supervisor and scriptwriter.
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