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Arifureta-From Commonplace to World’s Strongest Light Novel Series Gets Anime Adaptation

The television anime adaptation of Arifureta-From Commonplace to World’s Strongest light novel series will be released in April 2018 on Tokyo MX, AT-X, etc.

The light novel series was released in English digitally by J-Novel Club. The cast for the animation will be Yuki Kuwahara as Yue, Toshinari Fukamachi a Hajime Nagumo, and Minami Takahashi as Shea.

Jun Kamiya is the director of the animation series at White Fox studio, and Kazuyui Fudeyasu is the script manager. Atsuo Atobe is illustrating the anime’s characters and serving as chief animation director.

In June 2015, Shirakome launched the novel series in Japan under the OVERLAP label.
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