Mb | Mar 18, 2023 | Reading Time: 2 Min.
The final episode picks up right where it left off and deals with the complex feelings of Senpai as she contemplates dating Nagatoro. The introduction of Sunomiya, Hana's older cousin and former chairman of the art association, brings a new perspective and interesting dynamic to the series.

Senpai's nervousness and uncertainty about dating Nagatoro is endearing and understandable. The banter between the two characters adds humor and suspense as the viewer wonders if Senpai will ever find the courage to ask her out. When he finally does after seeing a penguin sign, the moment is a wonderful mix of romantic comedy and genuine emotion.

The episode also shows the growing friendship between the different characters. Hana's involvement in Senpai's life adds depth to his relationships and shows how he interacts not only with Nagatoro but with others as well. The scene where Gamo and Yoshi express their concerns about Nagatoro's intentions to Senpai provides a humorous introduction to the episode and creates an amusing subplot in which Hana and Sunomiya try to protect Senpai's romantic interests.

The balance of humor, romance, and character development in this episode makes it a pleasure to watch. The additional layers of relationships and the introduction of new characters enrich the story and keep the audience engaged. The pivotal moment when Senpai finds the courage to ask Nagatoro out is both heartwarming and suspenseful, leaving viewers eagerly awaiting how the two's relationship will develop over the next few episodes.