Futoku no Guild" reveals main cast and premieres in fall 2022

Mb | Jun 10, 2022 | Reading Time: 2 Min.
The main characters have been published on the official website of the anime adaptation of the manga Futoku no Guild by Taichi Kawazoe. The anime is scheduled to premiere in October 2022.

The cast includes:

- Katsumi Fukuhara as Kikuru Madan
- Carin Isobe as Hitamu Kyan
- Ayano Shibuya as Maidena Angers
- Yo Taichi as Tokishikko Dana
- Yuna Kamakura as Hanabata Nohkins
- Saho Shirasu as Noma Rune

The story follows seasoned hunter Kikuru Madan as he seeks retirement for fear of wasting his youth. One day, a member of the guild suggests he go on a quest with a new martial artist named Hitamu Kyan. But she is attacked by one monster after another.