"Goodbye, Don Glees!" Film publishes first information

"Goodbye, Don Glees!" Film publishes first information
Mb | Sep 10, 2021 | Reading Time: 2 Min.
A new anime film from the studio MADHOUSE entitled Goodbye, DonGlees has been announced for 2022. A teaser trailer was also published, which confirms the cast and other employees of the film.

The cast:

- Natsuki Hanae plays the only son of a farmer, Roma Kamogawa, who spends his days in a vague state of mind.
- Yuki Kaji plays Hokuto "Toto" Mitarai, who is the successor to a hospital and forms a team with Roma called DonGlees.
- Ayumu Murase plays Shizuku "Drop" Sakuma, a boy who joins DonGlees when he comes to the country town where Roma lives.

The story follows 3 boys who have a summer adventure, although they "don't know the world yet".