Mb | May 22, 2023 | Reading Time: 2 Min.
The episode picks up where it left off last week with Suletta confronting Miorine's shocking course of action. Unprepared for such a turn of events, Suletta deludes herself that a return to normal could make things right between them.

Adding to the existing turmoil, the episode unveils a significant secret about Suletta's birth and Eri's evolution into Aerial. It turns out that Suletta is a clone of her older sister, created to allow Eri, now in digital form, to control Aerial and maintain her independence. This revelation puts a new twist on Suletta and Elan's relationship.

Prospera and Eri's hostile attitude toward Suletta, whom they consider expendable after she has completed her task, gives the story a sour flavor. The indifference shown by these two main characters to Suletta's situation highlights the ruthless nature of the power struggles that drive the narrative.

The episode moves further towards the political machinations that set the stage for a climactic showdown on Earth. Miorine appears and presents herself as a potential peace negotiator. However, the undercurrents of betrayal and ulterior motives suggest that this peace proposal could be a precursor to a catastrophic fallout. Shaddiq's constant intrigues and the likely trigger-happy reaction of either Eri or Prospera build anticipation for events to come.