Isekai Yakkyoku Reveals July 2022 Premiere

Mb | May 09, 2022 | Reading Time: 3 Min.
The official website for the TV anime of the Isekai Yakkyoku (Alternate World Pharmacy) novel series by Liz Takayama revealed the artists of the theme song and the July premiere.

Kaori Ishihara sings the opening song "Musō-teki Chronicle" while Little Black Dress performs the closing song "Haku'u".

Isekai Yakkyoku is based on a light novel written by Rizu Takayama and illustrated by keepout. The novel was originally published on the Shosetsuka ni Naro website but was picked up by Media Factory's MF Bunko imprint in 2016. A manga adaptation by Sei Takano will be published in ComicWalker magazine on an ongoing basis.

A young pharmacologist from Japan became so engrossed in his research that he died of overwork. But he was reborn in another world as Pharma, son of a famous court pharmacist. Although the other world resembles the Europe of the past (roughly the Middle Ages), there is magic there. In the new world, Pharma has acquired some unusual powers that allow him to destroy and create various substances as well as see people's diseases.

He is given a second chance at life and finds more joy in life, but cannot ignore the problems in the medicine of the new world. Because he gets a second chance, he decides to enjoy life more, but he can't ignore the medical problems of the new world in which a.o. the treatments are often inappropriate and the pharmacies charge too high prices, making it difficult for ordinary people to afford good medicines.

With her unusual powers, Pharma begins to help the sick. And then he opens his own pharmacy so that ordinary people can get really effective medicines at low prices. With the help of his knowledge from a previous life, the pharmacologist begins to develop medicines that do not yet exist in the other world.