Mb | May 24, 2023 | Reading Time: 2 Min.
Hiroyuki's popular manga "Kanojo mo Kanojo" (Girlfriend, Girlfriend) has reached its peak in Weekly Shounen Magazine and concludes its narrative arc with the 144th chapter.

The journey of this romantic comedy manga, which humorously explores the complexities of love and relationships, began in March 2020. 15 volumes have been published so far, with the final volume, number 16, scheduled for release on July 14th.

The colorful characters and hilarious dynamic of the love triangle were brought to screens by Tezuka Productions in the form of a 12-episode anime series in Summer 2021. Fans can look forward to more animated versions of this unconventional love story as a second season is currently being prepared for release in October 2023.

The plot of "Kanojo mo Kanojo" revolves around Naoya Mukai who, after years of harboring feelings for his childhood friend Saki Saki, finally becomes her boyfriend. However, an unexpected confession from another girl, Nagisa Minase, puts Naoya in a difficult position. In an effort to make both girls happy without betraying each other's trust, Naoya suggests dating both of them at the same time. Although initially reluctant, Saki eventually gives in to Naoya and Nagisa's determination, marking the beginning of a highly unconventional threesome.