Mb | Jul 21, 2021 | Reading Time: 2 Min.
New information has been revealed on Kyoukai Senki's official Twitter account and on the production website, including the release date and new visuals.

The anime is slated for release on October 4, 2021. In addition, the Bandai published a trailer on its YouTube channel with the first ten minutes of the first episode. In addition to introducing the main storyline, the clip also contains the opening title track "enemy" by Blank Paper.

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The plot is described as follows:

In this series we delve into the year 2061. The world as we know it no longer exists, the earth is divided into four economic blocks that are in constant competition. Japan, an isolated country, is the scene of confrontations between AMAIM (a human-like special mobile weapon). The small Asian country was colonized and now has to live under the occupation of several neighboring states. The war machines have the task of patrolling the streets and regions and controlling the population.

One day, Amou Shiiba, a boy who loves machines, meets i-LeS (Autonomous Thinking AI) named "Gai" and this leads him to throw himself into battle to retake Japan by building the one he made himself AMAIM "Kenbu" controls.