Magia Record Season 2 starts on August 7th

Magia Record Season 2 starts on August 7th
Image: Magica Quartet / Aniplex / MBS
Mb | Jul 20, 2021 | Reading Time: 2 Min.
As the streaming provider Crunchyroll announced, Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story Season 2 will be released on August 7th. As always, the anime will be available to most of the West, covering the United States, Canada, Latin America, Australia, Great Britain, Ireland, the Netherlands, and the CIS. Germany, on the other hand, is not yet on the list (but can still come).

Gekidan Inu Curry will return as director and script supervisor for Shaft Animation Studio, with Yukihiro Miyamoto, Kenjirou Okada and Midori Yoshizawa assisting in directing the episodes. Takumi Ozawa will lead the musical composition that will bring each of the scenes played by the actors to life, consisting of:

Sora Amamiya as Yachiyo Nanami
Momo Asakura as Iroha Tamaki
Shiina Natsukawa as Tsuruno Yui
Yui Ogura as Sana Futaba
Ayane Sakura as Felicia Mitsuki