Manga Mononogatari receives TV anime adaptation

Manga Mononogatari receives TV anime adaptation
Image: Onigunsō / Shueisha
Mb | Nov 18, 2021 | Reading Time: 2 Min.
Mangaka Onigunsō today confirmed the planned TV anime adaptation of his manga Mononogatari on his Twitter account. Onigunsō drew the above illustrations to celebrate the announcement.

When objects age, they eventually get rusty and develop a "heart", they become a "tsukumogami". The series, which appeared in Ultra Jump (Shueisha), is about a young man named Kunato Hyoma who hates Tsukumogami because they stole his precious human being from him. Botan Nagatsuki, a young girl who lives with the six tsukumogami and loves them as her "family". The two meet and live together in Kyoto, the capital of the thousand years, under one roof, where all three parties overlap and have a difficult time ahead of them. People and things. A "tsukumono" story of bonds and love. The manga is currently 12 volumes and the latest 13 will be published tomorrow, November 19th.

Onigunsō commented on the announcement as follows:

Thanks to the support of many people, we were able to turn "Monogatari" into an anime. Thank you to all of the readers who supported us and to everyone who was involved in the work! The voice and the movements of the characters cannot be fully imagined in the manga, so as the author I am curious to see which new aspects of the characters are shown. The manga will be as strong as ever too, so please support both the anime and the manga!