Manga Paripi Koumei gets TV anime for spring 2022

Manga Paripi Koumei gets TV anime for spring 2022
Image: Kodansha / P.A. Works
Mb | Nov 18, 2021 | Reading Time: 2 Min.
Ogawa Ryo's "Paripi Koumei," based on Yuto Yotsuba's original story, will be adapted as a TV anime that will air from April 2022 and will be published by P.A. Works is produced. The main cast, production staff, a teaser image and a teaser promo were also revealed.

The anime series is a comedy about the famous military commander Shogatsu Ryo Komei, who died in the Battle of Gojyohara and was reborn in a young body in modern Japan. The series will be continued in Comic DAYS in 2019 and will appear in Young Magazine (Kodansha) from November 22nd. Seven volumes have been published so far.

Ryutaro Okiayu plays Zhuge Kongming and Kaede Motowatari plays Eiko Tsukimi. Osamu Homma is directing the series, Yoko Yonouchiyama is responsible for the series composition and Kanami Sekiguchi is responsible for character design and animation.