Mangaka from 'Shinigami to Gin no Kishi' returns with a new work

Mb | Jul 19, 2021 | Reading Time: 2 Min.
Under the title "Ryū no Hanayome Okotawari", Irono says goodbye to the swords that played the main role in his previous work and devotes himself to a fantasy about how to deal with the elements.

The manga takes place in a village where legends of dragons are still passed down. Villagers Sakura and Ren are born with the ability to manipulate water. Known as the Dragonborn, they protect the village's existence until one day, to save the weak reindeer from an accident, Sakura breaks the seal of the dragon Koga and makes a pact. With Ren hostage, Sakura is now the dragon's servant.

The announcement of this new story was published last Friday in the latest issue of G Fantasy magazine from Square Enix, the home of Irono's earlier works. The first chapter will appear in the next issue of the same magazine, which comes out on August 18th.