NIGHT HEAD 2041 Anime Releases Opening Theme

Mb | Jul 21, 2021 | Reading Time: 2 Min.
The sci-fi thriller NIGHT HEAD 2041 TV anime released the opening theme for the series on its YouTube channel today, which features the single "Icy Ivy" by the band Who-ya Extended.

Night Head 2041 is based on the 1992 live-action drama series Night Head and has been running in Japan since July 14th.

The plot is described as follows: It is said that people don't use about 70% of their brains. It is believed that the mysterious powers that some people display come from this part of the brain. There is a term for the 70% of the brain that is not used, "NIGHT HEAD". Two brothers named Naoto and Naoya Kirihara, expelled from society for their psychic powers, have been kept in a psychic research laboratory for the past 15 years. They hope that the reason they got out of the lab is because people were willing to accept and welcome clairvoyants as part of society, just as they were told by the lab director, Kyojiro Mikuriya. But what they found was Tokyo in 2041, where not only was the existence of mental energy completely denied, but anything from books or visuals depicting supernatural phenomena, including clairvoyants, was completely censored.