Mb | Jul 20, 2022 | Reading Time: 2 Min.
A new trailer and first image have been released titled Oyukiumi no Kaina, the new work by Tsutomu Nihei in collaboration with Polygon Pictures. The new video features the characters of this new project, which is part of the animation studio's 40th anniversary celebrations. The anime will start airing in January, but an exact date has not yet been announced.

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The team behind this new anime is still unknown. However, Hiroaki Ando has already been confirmed as the director for this project. Sadayuki Murai and Tetsuya Yamada will be the writers of the series. On the other hand, the voice cast consists of the following roles:

- Yoshimasa Hosoya as Kaina
- Rie Takahashi as Liliha
- Ayumu Murase as Yaona
- Maaya Sakamoto as Amerote
- Katsuyuki Onishi as Olinoga
- Tomokazu Sugita as Ngaboji
- Nobuyuki Hiyama as Handagil
- Kenyuu Horiuchi as Halesola

The anime is about a typical boy-meets-girl story, but set in a fantasy world. In this world, the entire earth is flooded by the so-called Great Sea of ​​Snow. As a result, humanity was forced to take refuge in the tenmaku, which rise above the roots of the orbital trees. In this ruined world, Kaina, a boy from Tenmaku, meets Liliha, the princess of the land of Atland.