Mb | May 22, 2023 | Reading Time: 3 Min.
The episode begins with a clash between Canute's veteran army and Ketil's troops, who are losing ground despite outnumbering them. The episode puts Thorfinn, Leif, Einar and Arnheid in perspective as they manage to escape from the battlefield.

In the midst of battle, Fox becomes paralyzed by the ferocity of the opposing forces and neglects to help Badger. Snake intervenes, knocking out an enemy soldier and instructing Fox to retreat with the wounded Badger. Snake recognizes their disadvantage and also calls for a general retreat.

During the fierce battle, a rumor spreads that Ketil was beheaded by one of Canute's soldiers. Wulf sets out to confirm the report, but instead Snake finds a badly injured Ketil on the battlefield, prompting Canute's troops to retreat and regroup.

Amidst the chaos, Thorgil ambushes Canute. But before he can deliver the killing blow, Canute dodges and is escorted to safety by Wulf. Despite this near-death experience, Canute desires Thorgil to be reinstated in his ranks.

As the dust settles, it becomes clear that Canute's forces have gained the upper hand. Despite the significant victory, there is a tragic loss for Thorfinn and his companions as Arnheid succumbs to her wounds despite Thorfinn's attempts to save her via CPR.

Seeing Snake carrying an injured Ketil from the battlefield, Einar is driven by revenge for Arnheid. He attempts to kill Snake, but Thorfinn persuades him not to continue the cycle of violence.

After the battle, Thorfinn turns to Canute and begs him to end the relentless bloodshed. Meanwhile, Leif begs Thorfinn to return to Iceland.Regardless of pleas, Thorfinn takes a solemn oath to return alive.

Aptly named "Pain," this episode combines the raw brutality of war with the heartbreaking loss of a friend. This dichotomy serves as a poignant reminder of Thorfinn's stance against senseless violence, and further solidifies his character development throughout the season.

The awaited dialogue between Thorfinn and Canute finally takes place, raising the stakes for the next episode.