Yuusha ga Shinda! gets TV anime in 2023

Mb | May 02, 2022 | Reading Time: 2 Min.
An anime adaptation of the manga The Legendary Hero is Dead! by Subaruichi has been officially announced. In addition, a teaser promotional video was unveiled to the main cast, staff.

Shunichi Toki voices Sion Braiden while Wataru plays Kato Touka.

Rion Kujo is directing the anime by LIDEN FILMS. Kana Konishi and Yukio Kondо̄ from MOKA☆ are composing the music. Tohokushinsha handles sound production and Pony Canyon handles music production. WOWMAX is producing the anime.

Shogakukan publishes the manga and describes the story as follows:

Touka is a normal (slightly perverted) farmer from the village of Cheza. While dreaming of being a hero and getting the girl, the real hero, Sion, fights against demons that threaten to invade the world! But one day, Touka accidentally kills the hero...?! Now that the legendary hero is dead, who will save the world?! Touka quickly buries Sion's body to hide the evidence, but wakes up the next day to find he is no longer in his own body...!!

Subaruichi originally launched the manga in Ura Sunday Magazine and the MangaONE application from December 2014 to December 2020. Shogakukan shipped the 20th and final volume on March 18 last year.